Monday, May 9, 2011

Lab 6: May the Force be with St. Mary's

The last lab at St. Mary’s school was a memorable one. The Cortland students associated our last assignment with a Star Wars theme. This was a great success with the majority of Cortland and St. Mary’s students being big fans of the epic movie/story. It was great to have an opportunity to introduce the historic characters and story to the pre-k. Brittney Olsen, team member of the Shimney Crickets has shown amazing creativity towards the arts and crafts for the pre-k the last couple of weeks. It showed in the children’s faces filled with excitement. The difference between observing the pre-k and the older kids is very interesting with the gentle kindness, innocence, and a sense of possible potential to be great learners. The Cortland students finished the day off with Beyonce’s Lets Move dance and some fun Star Wars games using the parachute. The children loved this prop and it was the easy favorite of the day. It has been a great pleasure attending St. Mary’s school this semester and look forward to seeing more of the children and faculty in the near future.

Lab 6

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Highest Achievement Presentation

 In December 2002, I was able to perform a remarkable feat that I had only dreamed about growing up. I am a skilled bowler who established the first two 300 perfect games in Lynbrook High School history. The ability to be able to bowl a 300 is rare but with the time and effort I put into this difficult task I had accomplished a goal with the probabilities not in my favor. The sky was the limit for me after the success I had worked hard for. This presentation demonstrates the importance of this successful achievement.

SUNY Cortland Bouncing Support for Let's Move Program

 Today, SUNY Cortland students bounced their support of the new dance created by musical icon artist, Beyonce who has given her support to the Let’s Move program established by Michelle Obama to help children become more active and nutritionally healthy. Take a look and join the fight against child obesity.

St. Mary's 5k Run!

SUNY Cortland students had all hands in on St. Mary’s 5 k run, Saturday, April 9th, 2011. The run consisted of different distant runs for different ages. Delicious pancakes were served throughout the morning. The streets were filled with eager children and parents running around the path provided by St. Mary’s school. The Cortland students helped entertain the children of St. Mary’s with games and activities; protected the boundaries of the run and supported the children and parents as they ran.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lab 5: The Easter Vibe

            St. Mary’s students had our class hopping with excitement. I had a great opportunity to experience significant time with the pre-k. The atmosphere was amusing and fun. The ability to interact with the children through reading Easter bunny books and having them participate in arts and crafts, creating Easter bunny puppets, made the time spent enlightening.
In the beginning of the after school activities at St. Mary’s I was able to properly assess the motor skills of dribbling a basketball and kicking a soccer ball into a net. This was exciting and interesting to see the different areas and levels of movement each student performed. The motor skills being related to sports was also a nice change of pace do to my interest on the matter.
I finished off the day establishing a creative game of musical dribbling with the pre-k. The objective was to have the pre-k dribble in different ways when the music was playing and have them run to any available poly spot once the music stopped. The interest in the children was promising and the group all together looked to be having an energetic and enthusiastic experience.
           The educational value that I had personally learned through this activity was how much more of a comfortable approach instructing students can be once you get to interact with them in a class setting. Through expressing positive feedback and encouragement, the children will be motivated to continue the game or other kinds of activity.

Lab 5