Monday, May 9, 2011

Lab 6: May the Force be with St. Mary's

The last lab at St. Mary’s school was a memorable one. The Cortland students associated our last assignment with a Star Wars theme. This was a great success with the majority of Cortland and St. Mary’s students being big fans of the epic movie/story. It was great to have an opportunity to introduce the historic characters and story to the pre-k. Brittney Olsen, team member of the Shimney Crickets has shown amazing creativity towards the arts and crafts for the pre-k the last couple of weeks. It showed in the children’s faces filled with excitement. The difference between observing the pre-k and the older kids is very interesting with the gentle kindness, innocence, and a sense of possible potential to be great learners. The Cortland students finished the day off with Beyonce’s Lets Move dance and some fun Star Wars games using the parachute. The children loved this prop and it was the easy favorite of the day. It has been a great pleasure attending St. Mary’s school this semester and look forward to seeing more of the children and faculty in the near future.

Lab 6

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