Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day Back and Teacher's Assistant Experience!

The first week of a new semester brought past memories back from PED 201. In professor Yang's EDU 255 class we were put to work right where we left off, having to instruct a 4 minute session of any particular skill of sport to the rest of the class. I was extremely rusty and had realized the confidence I had gained last semester had evaporated. I have many things to work on in this upcoming semester. Touring the new group of SUNY Cortland students, which are in line to experience what St. Mary's has to offer, I passed the torch of important knowledge I had learned in the previous semester. The comfort ability and ease of being able to instruct a group almost felt natural the second time around. This was and will be my continuing goal throughout the semester to try and gain as much experience as possible through the Teacher's Assistant position.

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