Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EDU 355: The Next Chapter of Physical Education

              As part of one of my first assignments for EDU 355 it is expected of me to introduce myself on this continuing blog to my new talented and intelligent professor Dr. Baert. My name is Robert W. Goldkranz. I am now a senior at SUNY Cortland and have been studying for a career path into Physical Education. Prior to this I was a chef at a Catering company and received a Professional Cooking degree at the Culinary Academy of Long Island. Although the change in my career choice is quite different I feel I have made the right choice. Throughout my field work experiences and classes, I have been able to conclude that I am where I want to be and have been inspired to make a difference in the fields of Physical as well as Health Education. Also I am now trying to expand my horizon by integrating my culinary skills into the education system through the field of Home Economics.

            The interests that I desire on a daily basis include playing Hockey and ASA Softball. Also, I have been bowling since I was 5 years old. I enjoy watching a different variety of movies as well as sports. I hope to be able to coach once I have established myself as a teacher in a school district and look forward to teaching students the importance of being physically educated and healthy.

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  1. HI Rob, I would love to see what you can do to integrate nutrition into PE! I bet you can do amazing things!