Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lab D: The Final Chapter!!!

Improvement was a key goal for me going into the last lab of the year for EDU 255. The preparation for Lab D which unit was on Table Tennis, while concentrating on Performance Enhancing Drugs was just as organized and creative as my last lab, which unit was Fencing. This time however my presentation was much more organized, hit major elements that needed to be achieved and went a lot more smoothly than that of Lab C.

Although there was less obstacles to be conquered I do feel as if I am headed in a positive direction moving forward after this semester. I directed all my worrying and thinking before hand of what information needed to be distributed to the class for it to be correct and instead concentrated on what it was I was doing at the present time accomplishing the end goal of teaching the students of 255 how to perform a backhanded loop and chop in Table Tennis. All the information that was supposed to be presented to the class came out naturally with flow.

The support I have gotten throughout this class and more importantly this semester has given me strength to accomplish even the most difficult goals. I am beyond excited for the opportunity to be a Physical Educator. Leaving 255 on the highest of my accomplishments after struggling to gain the concept of the labs has left me feeling proud of myself. With hard work and dedication there is no limit to what anyone can achieve. I thank you Dr. Yang and my peers for your support and patience.

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Time Coding
Feedback Analysis
Developing Content
C-9 Form (Teacher's Assistant)
C-9 Form (Self)

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