Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chapter 1

Fundamental skill development and assessment is extremely important to our professional career as well as the health of our students. Although, the most obvious answer an individual would come up with would be, without these things we wouldn’t have jobs. There is more to it than that. The fundamental skill development for a child helps them learn how to move and learn through moving. Motor development, cognitive learning (concept learning), and affective growth are all key aspects of what is involved in fundamental skill development. The goal is to have progressive enhancement physically by motor tasks and mentally by activities and games. This will become a snowball effect as the child grows into an adult and environmental obstacles although differ will be associated with what is learned at developing stages. The health of our students will also be more successful. This is important because of problems like obesity and early puberty, which could lead to health issues and bullying. These are problems that could end up affecting children in their development of becoming an adult cognitively as well. Assessment is important for the skill development of a child in measuring the progression of their motor skills, cognitive learning, and affective growth.

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