Monday, February 14, 2011

Lab 1: Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

The official start of my career in physical education began this week with a teaching experience that left me wanting more. The students of St. Mary’s school are filled with happiness, creativity and ambition. I had an opportunity to create and modify a game of my own while associating the subject of nutrition to help the students of St. Mary’s school become more knowledgeable about healthy eating habits. The activity was performed by the K-1 grades. The activity was instructed by myself which was truly scary because not only was it my idea but my instructions. I was in unfamiliar territory. The confidence of what I had created and how I was going to present it just kicked in. The activity itself and the way I instructed it was a success. The body language of the students told me they enjoyed the time they spent with our group. That to me made me realize I am right where I want to be. The most productive lesson and I learned from the students as well as myself is I should not be afraid to fail, people learn from their mistakes, it will only make me stronger.

Lab 1

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