Friday, February 4, 2011

Enhancing Activities with Modifications to Help Nutrient Knowledge

The new guidelines that are being established into the modern physical education programs concerning health plans for our younger generations are of the upmost important. Personal experience involving lack of nutrient in my physical education in the past gives me a great opportunity to express new ideas. Enhancing games and locomotor skills by modifying them with cognitive excercise skills to help develop the knowledge for nutrient. An example of this would be:  Red Fruits, Green Fruits, 1-2-3 - The materials needed for this game are (4) 8 foot long jump ropes. There could be more or less depending on the size of the class and the area or space needed. Place the jump ropes on the floor on opposite sides of the gymnasium. Join the jump ropes together to form a big box so that there is a big box on both sides of the gymnasium. One box will be the donut penalty box, which is where the students will start. The box at the far end on the opposite side will be the fruit bowl. There will be a student chosen as the fruit police officer. His/her job is to stand on the fruit bowl side, turned around facing away from the students. The fruit police officer is not able to turn around or see them until saying out loud red fruits, green fruits, 1-2-3. If a student is caught moving toward the fruit bowl for safety, he/she will be asked a question on a specific color that is a fruit. If they get the question wrong they must go back to the donut penalty box and start over. If they get the question right they are safe. The objective is to have all the students reach the fruit bowl safely without getting caught by the fruit police officer.
Modifications - Variety of locomotor skills including running, hopping, skipping, sliding, and walking from one end to the other. Game can change as well. Instead of just asking a student right after being caught a question, you can have other fruit police officers chosen to try and tag the person who was caught moving. That person who was caught has the opportunity to run to the fruit bowl for safety before being tagged. If tagged though then he/she must answer the question given by the instructor.

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