Monday, September 26, 2011

Lab A: Four Minute Lesson Drill

Preparation, enthusiasm, and confidence go a long way in Physical Education. I learned that through this lesson's experience. There were many differences as well as unfortunate similarities in the second video of the four minute instructing drill that was retaken from the first video made on an ambush first day back challenge.

Based on the evidence from the first video it was obvious that I was completely unprepared, stuttering over my words while looking up at the ceiling as a force of habit for thinking out loud. The introduction was cold and meaningless. There was absolutely no enthusiasm but that was based on the intensity of nervousness. I had given no feedback or positive comments and had trouble explaining and expressing the motor task. I even confused the students by mixing up the rules of the game Knockout and Horse. The positive aspect that I saw in this video was the tool of demonstration to show the students how to shoot the basketball but did not demonstrate it correctly. Furthermore, telling the students they could shoot it anyway they want is not an intelligent request. At that point I felt compelled to hurry the instruction so I could lose the center of attention.

            The second time around was much better although I forgot one of the most important things, the introduction. I was prepared, enthusiastic, and much more confident. I slowed down the lesson a little bit from the last video but would have liked to have slowed it down even more and still felt like I rushed through the processes. I repeated myself a lot trying to teach the lesson and have a heavy slang and New York accent. I need to be clearer on my pronunciation. I was louder which gave me the opportunity to hear the video as opposed to the last video, so if I could hear it they could hear it. Need to keep the approach of teaching the motor skill more simple. It was a long explanation of the lesson. The mind set I need to have going into a lesson is being calmer and slowing down the pace of translating the point I am trying to get across. Rushing gives me less time to think and distracts me when, what I am thinking to say is racing in my head a 100 mph. Composure is a key element. I also need to establish CFU’s and key point cues into my lesson. Overall though, I felt there was much progress made compared to the first video.


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