Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lab B: Jump Roping

A reality check was presented to me on this particular lab assignment. After viewing my last performance, I worked harder and prepared more in advance to improve my teaching performance. Unfortunately, my nerves had gotten the best of me. Although, I improved some of the bad habits I had in the prior lab, I failed to target the smaller things needed for the lesson. Even though they are considered small they are still extremely important to the learning process. Such things consisted of safety rules, signaling for attention and specific feedback.
I was extremely disappointed with my performance after putting in such time and effort to this lab. I didn’t doubt what I wanted to do with my career but if I was good enough for it. I care so much about the impact of learning I have on future students that it left me with a stomach ache. I was thinking too much about what I should be doing right and what I was doing wrong throughout the performance. The concentration of my lessons needs to be the quality of learning that I establish within the students comprehension.

After watching the video though, it didn’t look as bad as it felt. You could tell of my nervousness but on a positive note my speaking was clear with less slang and at times I showed signs of confidence. The structure of the lesson could have been organized better, breaking down the motor task further. Overall though this lab has shown me that I have come a long way but also have a lot more to learn.

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