Tuesday, October 18, 2011

St. Mary's: Outside Looking In!

               These past few weeks attending St. Mary’s as a TA for the Motor Development class have been special. I feel more comfortable than I ever have, establishing a leadership role juggling both the SUNY Cortland students and the St. Mary’s students. The goal I set for myself in becoming a Teacher’s Assistant has provided me with the experience I am looking for. This past Monday, my group did a great job establishing an active and fun environment for the St. Mary’s Pre-K. The SUNY Cortland students seemed more comfortable and confident with providing their tasks to the St. Mary’s students. As a group, they need to work on their creativity to the games they choose from a motivating stand point. Looking up games that already exist is great but incorporating your own twist and mark on the game keeps will eventually allow you to make your own games up. The relativity to the themes each week can also use some improving. Again this is all just being able to work on the creativity portion of their lesson plans. Other than that it has been a successful and fun semester with the Motor Development group at St. Mary’s too say the least!

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  1. Glad your TA experience is going well for 201. This will most definitely contribute to you becoming a great teacher. Keep up the positive attitude!