Monday, October 17, 2011

Cortland Mini-Conference

           The Cortland Mini-Conference provided many unique ideas to help express Physical Education in our future classrooms. The Conference started off with excitement with a flash mob representing SUNY Cortland, which was created by Dr. Yang. SUNY students in Dr. Yang’s Motor Development and EDU 255 classes including myself, helped structure and coordinate the dance, props, and technology to establish a successful beginning of the conference.

Being a member of APEM, I had the opportunity to work the conference and help presenters with the technical services that they needed to help get there information across to the visitors attending. Listening into some of the presentations, I became interested in many of the topics that expressed technology in there PE programs.

            Most of my time was spent in the Exergaming Room, which provided different ways to perform physical activity while playing videogames. I have had strong interest in this area since the NYSAAPHERD Conference I attended at C.W. Post back in 2008. The motivation that comes with playing these Exergames is extraordinary. It will only be a matter of time before this area of physical activity becomes a huge impact in what PE majors like me are trying to accomplish in this field.

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