Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Field Experience Day 7 - March 2nd, 2012

            Assessment of Student Learning:

            The St. Mary’s 2nd grade students performed their monthly jogging club with a 20 minute jog around the gymnasium. Mr. Mack provided the music, time clock and hurdles to help motivate the students during the class. The students had the opportunity to choose any activity to play after they performed their 20 minute jog and cool down.

            Mr. Mack displayed an assessment process during the jog which expressed the student’s cardiovascular endurance, participation and ability to continue to be involved in the St. Mary’s Jogging Club. He would mark down each student’s stoppage of time and why it was that student was stopping. Any student that was able to run the full 20 minutes without stopping was considered eligible for the Jogging Club. Students were allowed to continue to walk if cramps were to occur. Mr. Mack also used this assessment to show how well the students paced themselves. This assessment was also a record to help backup grades that may have been questioned by parents of the students.
            Although I would prefer for this particular jogging club activity to be performed after school I do believe the assessment created for this activity was effective. However this assessment could be considered bias based on the reasoning for students stopping. Also the assessment does not concentrate on the actual aspects of the motor skill of running. If given the ability to recreate an assessment for this jogging activity I would include simple cues of proper motor skills performed when running with a yes or no check list if the 20 minute jog was completed without stopping. Students who received a no would be counted for how many times they stopped. This is just one of many different assessments that could be established during this type of activity.

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