Saturday, March 24, 2012

Field Experience Day 9 - March 20th, 2012

            Curriculum and NYS Standards:

            Today at St. Mary’s, students were given the day outside in all of the physical education classes due to the beautiful 80 degree weather outside. Unfortunately there is no field just a small area of pavement that is sectioned off with cones. The students had the option of playing kickball, throw a football around and hit a ball against the wall with a tennis racket. Most of the students participated in kickball while the others played separate activities on the side. I joined the game for a couple of innings until more students decided to join to make teams even. The remainder of my time spent was discussing the curriculum and NYS standards that are integrated into the lesson plans with Mr. Mack.

            St. Mary’s physical education curriculum was given to Mr. Mack by the school when he was first hired. He explained that the curriculum is from the 1970’s. The curriculum is considered traditional. Mr. Mack’s father being a physical educator assisted Mr. Mack with curriculums and lesson plans that he created through his years of teaching. The curriculum focuses on the skill levels of several units in grades K-6.

Mr. Mack being a product of SUNY Cortland knows the NYS standards very well and tries to emphasis them into each lesson. The focus of the standards is expressed through the student’s performance in motor and manipulative skills as well as the student’s ability to understand safety rules. He also provides students with information pertaining to athletic sports that are available to them after school. Some of these focuses I have seen in past lessons involving floor hockey with safety rules, motor and manipulative skills.
            Although Mr. Mack has done a justifiable duty in enhancing the physical education program at St. Mary’s, if given the opportunity I would take time to recreate a new updated curriculum and present it to St. Mary’s school. I would include all of the NYS standards into my lesson plans of the curriculum. I believe the most important aspects of physical education are to make students aware of sources and career options involving the information learned. I also believe that students need to learn how to create a fitness plans to keep them active not just in school but out of school as well. I have not seen these standards approached in the teaching at St. Mary’s. That does not necessarily indicate that they are not taught. I just have not observed them.

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