Monday, April 2, 2012

Field Experience Day 12 - March 30th, 2012

            Assessment of Student Learning:

            Today at St. Mary’s the 2nd grade class continued the unit of gymnastics. Beka and I prepared a pre-assessment checklist for the cartwheel as we began our curriculum project focusing on the skill theme of transfer of weight. Mr. Mack allowed us to organize the class in a station format. We divided the students into four groups to allow for all the students to participate in different gymnastic activities for every station. The four stations had activities including a balance beam, rope climbing, rolls, tripods and cartwheels, which is where the pre-assessment took place.

           The first group of students provided their names prior to performing the cartwheel. Beka and I gave instructions to perform cartwheels down the length of the mat and provided a quick demonstration. These steps were repeated for each group. Students would rotate stations after the pre-assessment was completed for each group. During the observation of the student’s cartwheels I noticed that the boys seemed to have trouble performing the cartwheels as opposed to the girls. The results on the pre-assessment checklist expressed that eight out of the nine boys could not perform a cartwheel. Six of the eight girls however were able to perform the cartwheel successfully.

            The pre-assessment helped us evaluate where the 2nd grade class was prior to the upcoming lesson focus on the transfer of weight. This allows us to divide the class in half and have two groups of students. One group will learn the cartwheel while the other group who has performed the cartwheel sufficiently will move on to a more difficult task. It is also possible to use some of the students that performed the cartwheel successfully to demonstrate tasks that focus on transfer of weight. The lesson that will focus on the transfer of weight will be taught in the upcoming class.

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