Friday, April 27, 2012

Field Experience Day 14 - April 17th, 2012

             Management Strategies:

            I had the opportunity to observe kindergarten students during my field experience session at St. Mary’s Elementary school today. The weather being a beautiful day influenced Mr. Mack to give the students an opportunity to play in the playground. Prior to going outside Mr. Mack had the students perform their daily warm-up with jogging four laps, jumping jacks and sit-ups. He also expressed the safety rules that were to be abided by the students once outside. To make sure the students were paying attention he used checking for understanding by asking questions about the safety rules he just reiterated.

            There were several events that occurred that involved managing behavior once we established a play session outside. Several students had come up to Mr. Mack and me tattling about situations that were not considered severe at all. This is common during the kindergarten grade level. Eventually, the large amount of tattling began to focus on one student in particular causing the problems. Mr. Mack pulled the student aside and spoke to him as a young adult expressing that many of the students have been coming up to him and that the students name was being mentioned often. The consequences were stated to the student and the student was warned that if changed didn’t occur those consequences would be enforced. The student shook his/her head yes as to acknowledge and went back to playing. No other mishaps occurred during the remainder of the class time.
            Reflecting back on the management strategy that Mr. Mack demonstrated in the playground, I would have added some additional strategies to the confrontation with the student. Through the knowledge I learned in EDU 355 it would have been appropriate to have the student recognize what he did wrong. Also, provide a problem solving task on how the student can improve on his misbehavior. After Mr. Mack had pulled the student to the side to have an individual conversation with him/her, Mr. Mack could have established checking for understanding questions on what the rules in the playground were. Other questions could also be mentioned regarding what the student that did wrong, may have violated the rules and what could the student do to prevent the situation again.

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