Sunday, April 29, 2012

Field Experience Day 17 - April 20th, 2012

            Knowledge of Students:

            The next class period at St. Mary’s was another class of pre-k students. The events were similar with the students going outside in the playground. I had the pleasure of experiencing and observing a fire drill with this group of students. As the fire alarm went off the students lined up quietly at the gate and were checked for attendance. They made their way out to the back of the school staying in their formed line onto the sidewalk where again they were checked for attendance. The students remained quiet the whole time and there were no disruptions. The fire department came as protocol and examined the entire school. After about twenty minutes the students were headed back to their pre-k classroom because the period was over.

            The knowledge of the students to follow a procedure that was practicing a couple of times within the year was remarkable. They were extremely well behaved knowing the importance of such a drill. Mr. Mack explained to me that they always emphasize on the importance of the drill and are always remind the students of the actions that need to be taken. Learning so much as a teach candidate it is often overlooked of such important drills. I was impressed with the learned knowledge of the students. I was glad to have experienced this situation from a teacher’s point of view.

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