Friday, April 27, 2012

Field Experience Day 15 - April 17th, 2012

Skill Themes and Student Abilities:

            The day continued at St. Mary’s Elementary school with the next class period involving the 2nd grade students. A new unit of Lacrosse was introduced by Mr. Mack. The students focused on the skill theme of catching and/or collecting in this particular unit. The opportunity to be a part of this lesson gave me some new insight on ideas I could create in my own lesson planning moving forward. Students began the class with a simple warm-up jogging 4 laps around the gymnasium, jumping jacks and push-ups.

            Beginning the lesson, Mr. Mack went over the importance of the student’s responsibility when holding a lacrosse stick. The teacher made sure all students were aware of their surroundings. The number one rule for students was they were not allowed at anytime to strike another student with a stick. Moving forward the first skill approached was the ability for a student to pick up a ground ball with a lacrosse stick. The cues to perform a successful ground ball scoop were knees bent; knuckles close to the ground and shovel snow. A lead-up game was organized called GB (groundball) Frenzy to help the students practice their ground ball pickups.

            The class was divided into two teams and both teams were placed on their own end line of the gymnasium. The teams starting at their own end lines would run to the center of the gymnasium where a puddle of balls would be scattered across the floor for them to pick up using the ground ball technique. They were only allowed to pick up one ball at a time and bring it back to their side’s end line. Each end line had a barrel in the middle where the balls were to be collected. The students who collected the most balls using the proper technique won the round. Mr. Mack and I counted the balls at the end of each round. No matter what the results were for either side we made it so that each team won a round.
            After observing and assisting this particular lesson plan, I found that the preparation and organization of the lesson was a great success. There is little I would change in the structure of the lesson. If I was to change anything it would be more individual congruent feedback during practice. Also, establishing intra-task variation for students that I observed having problems picking up groundballs. In order to establish these strategies more practice time and progression tasks could have been organized before the lead-up game. This would create opportunity for a higher success rate.

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