Sunday, April 29, 2012

Field Experience Day 16 - April 20th, 2012

            Management Strategies:

            The pre-k students at St. Mary’s elementary school today were again rewarded with a day outside in the playground due to nice weather. The playground is where I have seen most of Mr. Mack’s management strategies. The idea of going outside for the students gets them really excited and sometimes gets them to make bad decisions. There was no warm-up given to the pre-k students but the rules of the playground were reviewed prior to the students going outside. From past experience Mr. Mack knew that students liked to pick up the dirt in the playground and play around with it. He emphasized this rule and repeated it several times with checking for understanding.

            The majority of the class time was spent with Beka and me, playing freeze tag as well as hides and goes seek with the students to keep them as active as possible. The class was running smoothly with little to no behavior problems until the very end. A student was caught playing with the dirt by Mr. Mack. After Mr. Mack confronted the student explaining that it was not ok and they had broken an important rule the student began to cry. The student realized she was caught and wasn’t happy with the idea of being in trouble. If given the opportunity to be in Mr. Mack’s shoes there is not much I would have changed maybe just the tone of my voice. He was sufficient with getting the point across that she broke a rule. I believe any kind of confrontation would have made the student cry. The student was vulnerable, young and not use to getting into trouble.

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