Sunday, February 12, 2012

Field Experience Day 3 - February 10th, 2012

Management Strategies:

             This past Friday was the third day of my field experience at St. Mary’s School. The 2nd grade class received a full 30 min session on free time/recess. Mr. Mack presented this opportunity to the students as a gift before a hard working effort next week in Floor Hockey. Some students played an established game of Soccer while others climbed the rock wall and worked on some Gymnastic skills. Although this particular strategy is not recommended, the students were extremely active the whole class period. There was no learning during the class but there was a practice of different skills already learned.
            I was able to experience management strategies performed by Mr. Mack during my attendance. The class started their routine warm-ups as they made their way into the gymnasium, running 4 laps around the cones and performing 10 jumping jacks. Before the class scattered the gymnasium to play an activity of their choice Mr. Mack reminded the students of the safety rules regarding the rock wall, balls being kicked or thrown around and respecting each other’s personal space.

           There was particular behavior problem that needed attention during the free time. Students were not on the same page with the rules of Soccer when playing a game. A few of the students came over to Mr. Mack arguing amongst them. After quieting the students down Mr. Mack gave them some great advice suggesting that before they came over to him to communicate with each other to try and solve the problem. The arguing continued and escalated until finally Mr. Mack took the soccer ball away and told them to find a different activity to play.

            Mr. Mack expressed that he was having a long tough week and was frustrated. I know how it feels to have a bad week and understand his actions for taking the game away from the students. I may have established a different solution as I am sure he would have if given the circumstances. I would have settled everyone down taken the ball and established a quick review of the rules of Soccer with the use of checking for understanding. After the review I would have instructed the students to play the game the right way that was just reviewed or a different type of activity would have to be played.

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