Friday, February 17, 2012

Field Experience Day 4 - February 14th, 2012

Communication with Colleagues, others:

            The 5th grade class at St. Mary’s started a new unit of Floor Hockey this week. The students performed their routine warm-ups with a 4 lap jog, jumping jacks and sit-ups. Before the class got underway Mr. Mack had asked me for some new ideas knowing I had a history of playing Hockey. I was extremely excited and happy to give feedback. Mr. Mack and I were able to communicate with his quick demonstration of what he was going to teach and me pinpointing specific strategies with suggestions.

In the beginning of the lesson Mr. Mack went over the most important element when starting Floor Hockey with safety rules. It was impressive to see how the students knew the important safety rules prior to him demonstrating them. Mr. Mack had asked me how I high the stick should go when performing a slap shot and I responded with an answer of the height of the hip for youngsters. In Hockey leagues it should be about the height of the shoulder. I had also added some suggestions during the stick handling drill regarding loose wrists. I expressed the importance of having the students perform a back handed pass and not just a forward pass during the passing drill.

The experience of communicating with a colleague expressed importance to know my colleagues going forward as a teacher. As a teacher, I may not have all the answers and could use help on subjects that I may not have specific knowledge of. This also creates a great bond between colleagues. I felt I was starting to make a difference and my knowledge mattered. Mr. Mack had trusted me as a teacher candidate to use my educational knowledge to help teach his students how to play floor hockey. It is a great feeling.

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