Friday, February 10, 2012

Lab 7: Jumping Rope for a Healthy Heart

1.      Can a child in a wheelchair enter the front door and the back door? What modifications would you make?

A child in a wheelchair can enter from the front door but not the back door. Front door allows the student to move directly after the rope passes him/her and will allow enough time to get through the area before the rope comes back around. Unfortunately, the back door requires a jump prior moving through the area where the rope makes contact with the ground. It is possible to have the students rotating the rope at a slower pace and even stop the rope as it hits the floor so that the student in the wheelchair can roll over it and continue.

2.      How would you apply goal setting to this lesson?

Goal setting can be applied in a jump roping lesson by having students perform a jumping roping task that involves that recording their personal best without stopping the rope. Towards the end of the class students would again jump rope to try and beat their personal best and set new records and post them on a poster board.

3.      Design a long rope jumping routine for a pair of students jumping at the same time.

A long rope jumping routine for a pair of students jumping at the same time can be playing Simon says as they jump together in the same long rope. One of the students would be Simon and the other student would have to do everything that the student who was selected Simon would do.

4.      Create a checklist of critical elements to look for and use in teaching basic, two foot rope jumping.

ü  Student is rotating rope with even arm movement leveled with waist.

ü  Student is jumping with both feet off the ground and landing together at same time.

ü  Student is consistently jumping over the rope.

ü  Rope has momentum with full rotation and appropriate speed.

5.      Describe how you would go about organizing a rope jumping club for your elementary school.

I would organize a rope jumping club after school or during a free period. Poster boards and announcements would be provided to students in the halls as well as during the announcements and at physical education class. The club would have several different sections created in the gymnasium for different games and activities involved with jump roping and even a jump roping marathon. A fundraiser for Jump Rope for Hearts can even be established into the rope jumping club.

6.      What is Stimulus Variation?

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  1. Great post. I think the jumping rope lesson is great. I wish we had something like that when I was in school. Thanks so much for sharing.