Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lab 15: Improving Teaching Skills - Presenting an Introductory Activity

1.      Reflect upon your lab teaching experience. Describe your teaching strengths and weaknesses for teaching in this lab.

I performed an eight minute teaching lesson on the skill of volleying. I felt comfortable during my demonstration. I thought my anticipatory set was creative and helped get the student’s attention with the use of cookies as a prop to express the idea of hot hands when holding a hot cookie that just came out of the oven. The movement skill was similar to volleying. I was also able to provide different tasks and challenges using balloons, gator balls and a wall to help the students practice their volleying. The strengths of my teaching experience were my anticipatory set, confidence and feedback during the volleying lesson. The weaknesses in my teaching abilities were demonstrating the skill in slow motion with clear cues. I rushed the lesson having only eight minutes. I need to be clear when I speak and talk at a more motivating age level.

2.      Identify one of your most effective teachers. What teaching behaviors did you admire most in the way he/she taught?

Having the opportunity to observe an effective teacher, Miss Flynn had some great qualities and made the lesson fun. She had a great anticipatory set using characteristics of animals to relate the skill of balance. The activities were amusing and focused on different ways of dynamic and static balancing. Her motivational attitude kept me interested and looking forward to the next task.

3.      What goals will you set for yourself as you prepare to teach in the Education 300 Field Experience?

As I continue my field experience I believe I need to create goals to make me a more effective teacher. These goals would include researching information with more depth when creating my lesson plans and practicing the presentation that is to be expressed to students of my class. Also I believe I need to set a goal to focus on the students learning and not stay stuck on thinking what it is that I have done wrong during a lesson.

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