Friday, February 24, 2012

Lab 11: Parachute Fitness and Yoga for Personal Health/Wellness

1.      Find information on the history of the parachute and how a parachute works.

2.      Create a parachute routine composed of various parachute activities learned in class.

As a teacher I would create a parachute routine with involving the history of a parachute and the description of how a parachute works by demonstrating a smaller version of parachutes. I would express the importance of the delicacy of a parachute and the respect of the equipment. I would then teach the students the rules of how to take out the larger parachute out of the bag and demonstrate the different effort levels of shaking the parachute once it is out. Assigning students to groups organized in color categories, I would start activities involving the Black Hole Activity with color coordinated balls. Students in each group would try to get all their colored balls in the hole first. A Pop Popcorn activity would follow. After putting the balls away the students will participate in an ice breaker having them create an igloo atmosphere having them inside trapping the air by sitting on the edge of the parachute. They will go around in the circle and say their name, where they live and their favorite hobby. They will then play a game of Jaws and finish the lesson with the air conditioning activity to cool off the groups. I would then demonstrate the proper way to put the parachute away.

3.      Practice the yoga routine for a week and keep journal of how you feel.

4.      Use stick figures to diagram each pose in the Salute to the Sun yoga routine.

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